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Bammens Citypole

Features of the Citypole

The Citypole is an elegant, robust litter bin that is resistant to external influences such as weather conditions and unwanted use.
Clean and tidy
The waste bin stays clean and tidy thanks to the anti-graffiti coating and anti-sticking relief.
Rainfall and placing waste on top of the bin is prevented by the stylish roof.
The innovatively designed steel base acts as an anchor and provides stability.
  • Contents in litres approx. 100
  • Rust resistant
  • Standard anti-graffiti coating
  • Standard anti-stick relief (stud profile 15mm)
  • Tidyman logo
  • Aluminum lightweight liner or bag holder
  • Two-sided insertion opening
  • Standard cover
  • Universal lock with click closure in ergonomic position
  • Many possibilities for City Identity
  • Powder coating in many different colors possible
  • Other cover
  • Ashtray
  • Closing plate
  • Reduction of the insertion opening possible in 2 or 4 openings
  • For extra capacity or waste separation: Citypole approx. 200 liters or 2x100 litres
  • Can also be placed on an underground container for extra capacity
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