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Features of the Gumbuddy

The Gumbuddy is a litter bin especially for the collection of chewing gum. The Gumbuddy is easy to attach to our litter bins Capitole, Citypole and Metropole. But it can also be attached to a wall or pole. The GumBuddy is a collaboration between VConsyst and GumBuddy B.V. Where we make and sell the product and GumBuddy facilitates the whole collection process of chewing gum . From the collected chewing gum, raw materials are made for new products.
Multiple mounting options
Suitable for easy attachment to a pole, post or wall.
The collected chewing gum is turned into raw materials for new products.
Slim design
Easy chewing gum insertion through oval opening, and excess moisture can escape through a hole in the middle or the bottom.


  • Contents: +/- 0,5 litres
  • Colour bin: White (RAL 9016)
  • Sturdy construction by use of 1,5 - 2mm thick steel (tube 2mm and plates 1,5mm)
  • Aluminium inner container: 1.5mm
  • Anti-corrosion by application of electrolytically galvanised steel
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