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Features of the Gumbuddy

The Gumbuddy is a litter bin especially for the collection of chewing gum. Gumbuddy is easy to attach to our litter bins Capitole, Citypole and Metropole. But it can also be attached to a wall or pole. The GumBuddy is a cooperation between VConsyst Outdoor and GumBuddy B.V. Where we make and sell the product and GumBuddy facilitates the whole collection process of chewing gum. From the collected chewing gum, raw materials are made for new products.
Multiple mounting options
Suitable for easy attachment to a pole, post or wall.
The collected chewing gum is turned into raw materials for new products.
Slim design
Easy chewing gum insertion through oval opening, and excess moisture can escape through a hole in the middle or the bottom.


  • Contents: +/- 0,5 litres
  • Colour bin: White (RAL 9016)
  • Sturdy construction by use of 1,5 - 2mm thick steel (tube 2mm and plates 1,5mm)
  • Aluminium inner container: 1.5mm
  • Anti-corrosion by application of electrolytically galvanised steel
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