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Keep your containers clean efficiently

Keeping the waste collection locations clean will result in a cleaner environment. We have been registering our service activities with our clients in our container management system (CMS) for many years.

By registering, analysing and converting this data into a work plan in which preventative measures to reduce malfunctions is central, we are able to define an additional and more practice-oriented maintenance plan for various brands of container systems.

Additional work
Continuous improvement

Besides the standard activities and visual inspections for preventive maintenance as specified by the client, we will also perform additional activities and visual inspections.
In addition to the manufacturer's regulations, Bammens has extensive knowledge of and experience with various container systems from various manufacturers.

We also have our own development department and participate in various consultative bodies concerning container systems.
In this way we closely follow the latest developments and improvements. We always try to incorporate these developments and improvements in the maintenance of existing systems.

VConsyst Dynamic

The basis of all our solutions. VConsyst Dynamics is a modular management platform and a unique concept in the market. This software platform helps you and your teams understand and control the collection process at any time and any place.