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Bammens Magnapole

Features of the Magnapole

The Magnapole is a robust and contemporary litter bin with approximately 120 litre capacity. This makes the Magnapole very suitable for car parks, outdoor areas and the leisure sector.
High lock
The lock is placed high so that it is not necessary to bend down to open it.
Easy to use
The bag holder can be pulled forward with one movement, which creates space for removing and placing a bag. Two rubber rings ensure that the bag stays in place.
Precisely tailored
The insert is large enough to accommodate typical litter and small enough to prevent litter dumping. If it is too big, an intermediate strip is easy to fit.
  • Volume in litres approx. 120 litre
  • Sendzimir-galvanised steel: anti-corrosion
  • Vandalism-resistant
  • Triangular lock

  • Many placement options
  • Available in many colours
  • Anti-graffiti coating 
  • Intermediate strip in opening 
  • Expression strip for cigarettes
  • Animal- and odour-proof flap
  • Various possibilities for personalisation
  • Different types of openings

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