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Bammens Metropole

The Metropole is a versatile litter bin that can be used in indoor and outdoor setups. With its different capacity sizes and various fraction options, the Metropole can be used as a selective waste sorting station in many different locations. The Metropole features a Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification.

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Whether indoors or outdoors, this selective waste sorting station is suitable for a wide range of environments and locations. From busy shopping malls and lively sports complexes to serene convention centers and entertaining theme parks, the Metropole fits perfectly into any environment. It also offers a practical and aesthetic waste management solution in public areas such as public transport terminals and airports. Moreover, it meets the high hygiene standards of hospitals and the daily needs of offices.

The Metropole offers a range of options for customization and personalization. With a convenient foot pedal for optional lid opening and the freedom to choose texts, symbols and colors for fraction designation, you can customize the bin to your liking. Whether it's different combinations such as 2 x 50 liters, 2 x 100 liters, 3 x 65 liters, 4 x 65 liters, or 3 x 100 liters, you can assemble the Metropole to perfectly fit your needs. Add to that the sloping canopy that prevents rain from falling into the waste bin and waste placement, for even better functionality and protection.

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The GumBuddy is a litter bin designed for the collection of chewing gum. The GumBuddy can be attached to our Capitole, Citypole and Metropole litter bins. The gum that is collected is turned into raw materials for new products.

VConsyst Can & Bottle Collector

Deposit refund cans and bottles still often end up in the litter bin. Throwing this money away is a waste, and it encourages people to rummage through the bins looking for the cash that is there for the taking. The Can & Bottle Collector is a sustainable solution that makes donating bottles and cans easy. In addition, its placement on the side of the bin makes collecting the deposit refund packages simple.


Our ashtray is the ideal addition for outdoor spaces, with seamless integration with our litter bins thanks to its harmonious shape. It has a generous capacity, secure access with a lock, and is clearly recognizable thanks to the lasered cigarette logo. Robust and durable, it can be retrofitted and is flexible in installations with multiple fractions on both sides. With our ashtray, you not only add style, but also contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

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