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History of VConsyst

In 1985, it all started with electronic locks for lockers. Over the years, our vision changed. We switched to offering comprehensive solutions, both for household waste collection and the design and maintenance of public outdoor spaces. In 2002, we merged with Schiphorst Milieutechniek, Metro Waste Systems and Machinefabriek Gorredijk.

The 2018 merger of Royal Bammens, Jan Kuipers Nunspeet and VConsyst gave us a collective 250 years’ worth of experience. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to strengthen our position in the field of Urban Mining, litter bins, bicycle parking systems, outdoor shelters and seating.

The strength of VConsyst

VConsyst's strength comes from innovation and the implementation of smart solutions. Our strong organization also plays an important role in the progression of the company.

Three pillars are important to us: circularity, innovation and public outdoor space management. Keeping these in mind, we can find you the right products and services, that help promote and support the circular economy.

Jan Kuipers Nunspeet
Royal Bammens

Jan Kuipers Nunspeet offers products, such as: street furniture, bicycle parking systems, modular construction and glass structures. It has decades’ worth of experience developing, producing and installing these products.

Sustainable solutions for every client
For years, Jan Kuipers Nunspeet has made its products out of steel, aluminum, wood, glass and high-quality plastics. These goods have found their way to clients all over Europe. Governments, companies, institutions, schools and privates are part of Jan Kuipers Nunspeet's customer base.

On May 1, 1850, Piet Bammens started a smithy in Geertruidenberg. The company, Royal Bammens, eventually became a manufacturer and supplier of solutions for the collection of household and industrial waste and litter.
Royal Bammens' steel litter bins and garbage containers are still an important feature in public spaces and for businesses. The Capitole litter bin, for example, is an essential part of the Dutch streetscape. Royal Bammens also plays a major role in finding solutions for aboveground and (semi-)underground waste collection.

Royal Bammens' smart solutions have been exported to almost all countries within Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When developing our products and services, we are mindful of their impact on the environment. Not only that, but our field employees also drive fuel-efficient or electric vehicles.
Every quarter we provide insights into our fuel consumption. By doing so, we increase awareness and impact the driving behavior of our employees.
Additionally, we separate all types of waste for recycling. We also take packaging materials back to the factory for reuse.
We refer to the CSR section of our website for the latest documentation and information on the subject.

Part of the Venture Group

VConsyst is part of the Venture Group. This powerful holding company operates worldwide and has approximately 1,500 employees.
The following companies are also included in the holding company: Vadain, Instyle Concepts, Into the Source, Uw Schilderwerk, V-Access and VD&P juristen.