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Bammens waste bins

Durable Bammens waste bins

Are you looking for litter bins for the design of public spaces or your business park? VConsyst Outdoor has a complete and high-quality range of durable and vandal-resistant litter bins.

VConsyst Outdoor's litter bins are modern, come in high-quality material and are available in various designs and colours. Together with you, we will put together the right design.

Bammens waste bins

The Bammens waste bins has been known in the Netherlands for over a hundred years as the reliable waste bin. The most famous is of course the Capitole, which has conquered the streetscape of the Netherlands.

Nowadays the Bammens litter bins fall under the VConsyst group, but they are still made in Maarssen in the same factory with at least the same quality materials.

So whether you are looking for the Bammens Capitole, Omnipole, Magnapole or Metropole you have come to the right place at VConsyst.

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