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Safety Floor

The safety floor is one of the most important safety components. This is because it prevents someone from falling into the concrete pit when the underground container is lifted. Safety floors from VConsyst meet the requirements of the NEN-EN 13071-2 standards and are characterized by their their operational reliability, durability and minimum maintenance requirements.

VConsyst Safetyfloor VSF
VConsyst Safetyfloor VSFA

The VSF variant is characterized by the removable valves, the self-locking 145-degree maintenance position, and the possibility of a quarter-turn of the floor boards after installation of the floor. This safety floor is used in combination with a compact tear plate (dimensions depend on the dimensions of the concrete pit), which seamlessly connects to the edge of the safety floor. This tear plate has no overhang over the surrounding pavement. The VSF variant is driven by means of tension springs.

The VSFA variant has the same design and functionality as the VSF variant. The design of the VSFA variant has been expanded to include an integrated adjuster. As a result, the upper side of the safety edge floor can easily be adjusted to the height of the pavement - whereby the standard depth of the floor boards in relation to the edge of the floor (200mm) is maintained in accordance with the requirements of NEN-EN13071.

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Safety first

The VConsyst Safety floor works in the following way: the moment the container is lifted from the pit, the floor sections close automatically by means of the tension springs. The floor sections fall into the locking mechanism. Each floor section is equipped with two locks. When the floor is locked, this can be easily observed visually because all four locks are angled upward relative to the flat floor sections. When the container is replaced, the bottom valves operate the locks operated and released. Only when all four locks are pressed will the floor sections unlock and the container can be lowered further into the pit.

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