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Dynamic collection routes

The optimal rout for efficiently collecting waste and a clean environment

Characteristics of dynamic collection routes

Transparant planning
Efficient collection
Cost reduction

Transparant planing

Unnecessary emptying is now a thing of the past
The Routes software module complements Flexible Collection Routes and supports you on your way to optimal and efficient collection. Based on current data, such as valve openings, filling degree or weight, the optimal emptying moment is calculated. The system then checks the availability of collection vehicles, roads and other issues such as seasonality. By combining this data, the right underground waste containers are finally on the transparent planning. Early emptying is thus a thing of the past.

Efficient collection

The optimum route on every device

Command-driven, the Routes module determines which underground containers need to be emptied. Using the most ideal route, the system then guides your drivers to the locations of the containers. During the trip, the driver receives feedback on whether the set targets are met. The software runs 'in the cloud' and is available to all users on desktop, tablet and smartphone. The Routes module is part of VConsyst Dynamics.

Cost reduction

Cost and environmental awareness

An accurate picture of the exact emptying time of your containers saves you a lot of time and reduces the associated costs. Collection routes are shortened and the emptying of containers within your municipality is organised more efficiently. Not only do you save on personnel and vehicles, but less equipment on the road also reduces CO2 emissions. In other words, the Routes software module makes collection more environmentally friendly and reduces costs by twenty per cent.

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