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Axle Ivo

High quality bicycle parking system

With AXLE Ivo you are assured of a high-quality, unique and innovative bicycle parking system, as it supports the bicycle on its axis. This means that there is no impact on the bicycle's wheel during parking and it is suitable for bicycles with different tyre thicknesses. The AXLE Ivo is a circular, modular and flexible product, which can be placed and used in many variations. AXLE Ivo was designed by STREET-STUFF.
Low installation- and ownership costs
AXLE offers low installation and maintenance costs. Replacement of individual parts is possible.
Circular product through modular construction
The AXLE is made of round materials and has interchangeable and replaceable parts.
Safe and stable cycle parking
Bicycles are neatly stored and are safe and stable. Moreover, the AXLE has additional features to prevent theft.
Materials and Specifications
  • Frame: galvanized steel 6mm, black powder coated
  • Foot: alvanized steel tube 60x30x2, black powder coated
  • Plastic parts: 50% TPE and 50% PP
  • Suitable for: Standard bikes, e-bikes, hybrid bikes, large panniers, speed pedelecs, bikes with crates and bikes with child seats.
  • The patented hub support does not support the bicycle wheel on the vulnerable rim, but very stable on the robust wheel AXLE.
  • Quality mark: FietsParkeur 2.0

In black powder coated version.

  1. AXLE Ivo 500, single sided
  2. AXLE Ivo 500 double-sided

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Axle Ivo in use


FietsParkeur 2.0 certified