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Norway is working on making their waste collection smarter

The transition to a clean world is a high priority in Norway. The number of underground containers is growing rapidly there. And more and more collectors are also keen to add VConsyst's smart technology. Because with this future-proof software and electronics, collection can be managed and administered as desired. We would like to catch you up.

Smart payment system

In Norway, waste separation is taking off. In cities like Kristiansand, Oslo, Bergen and Ålesund, VConsyst installed as many underground containers for all kinds of household waste. These include glass, biowaste, paper, plastic and residual waste. Erwin Rollema, manager international business: "In Bergen, citizens receive an access pass. The less residual waste you dump, the less you pay. That strongly encourages waste separation." To facilitate this approach, the collector's payment system is linked to the VConsyst access control system. In this way, the necessary data for the back office are continuously available and manageable.

7 x more storage capacity

Together with the collection partner in Bergen, Sikring, VConsyst launched a pressing system for underground containers. The novelty is a downright first for Norway's second-largest city. "We can now equip the containers with a screw press. This advanced press compresses the volume of plastic waste to a minimum, explains Erwin Rollema. "Because of this innovation, you can put as much plastic in this one container as you normally do in eight underground containers." The insert column retains the same design.

Prepared for the future

The Norwegians are happy to cooperate with VConsyst. A choice that has everything to do with product quality and customisation. Just the container itself, the standard in the market, impresses. It is composed of extra-thick, galvanised steel plates with a durable powder coating that together form one robust, fully welded unit. All containers get sensors and other technical preparations on board as standard. This makes any desired step towards optimising collection easy. A nice idea, they think in Norway, because developments there are also rapid.