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Waste Disposal App

The Waste Disposal App: A step forward for ease of use and safety of underground waste containers

In May last year, VConsyst, supplier of all-in-one solutions for waste collection and design of public outdoor spaces, and Kiwa Digital Certification announced they would work together on innovative solutions for access systems. The first step was to digitize the eco pass so that residents can open an underground container with their smartphone.

VConsyst and Kiwa have worked intensively in recent months on the development of infrastructure, apps and the new Chiplock© Hybrid Access update. In addition to technical development, compliance and standardization of this technology is a prerequisite for success. Rudo Hoekman, development director at VConsyst sees a future in which all of Europe can use the Waste Disposal App: ’It offers great advantages for the market to focus on the same standard that all of Europe uses for digital documents, namely ISO 18013-5. We therefore use the same strict data security standards for these types of documents that are applied everywhere in Europe. A major advantage: the secure passes can also be used in areas where our collection resources are not yet available, so there is no vendor lock-in.’

Independent and reliable

Although any party can implement ISO 18013-5 and issue this type of digital document on its own behalf, VConsyst has decided to go with a very reputable partner, Kiwa Digital Certification, who can act as an independent party in the European market.

Martin Dupuis, digital certification sales manager at Kiwa: 'Many parties have been entrusting the delivery of documents to Kiwa for many years. We provide documents such as pilot's licenses, VCAs and other certificates for professional work. These documents are highly secured. Our infrastructure and work processes are periodically tested by external parties. The platform can also be used to carry out identification before the document in question is issued. This way we ensure that the document is actually issued to the beneficiary'.

Transaction with monetary value

Such a level of security may seem a bit excessive for an eco pass. But Johan Dörper, product manager Software & Electronics at VConsyst, is convinced that it is necessary. ‘Every deposit is a transaction that represents an amount of money. More and more municipalities are introducing differentiated collection rates. This means that the resident pays per deposit. As supplier and municipality, we must be able to guarantee that the deposit has actually been made by the resident in question. That is why we consider safety to be one of the basic principles of the Waste Disposal App and why we have opted for this high-quality standard.’

Safe access

Both Apple and Android platforms embrace this digital form of documents. Both parties have implemented the ISO standard in preparation for the arrival of, among other things, the digital driving license that Europe has announced. Kiwa and VConsyst are convinced that this is the right answer for a long-desired function, safely gaining access to collection resources or waste disposal sites.

Both parties will continue to work towards the first public pilots of which one will start in Q1 this year. Several municipalities and collectors have already shown interest in the eco pass. We expect to reveal the first participating parties within a few weeks.

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Erwin Rollema

Erwin Rollema

Commercial Manager International