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Pioneering in Canada and the United States

Pioneering in Canada and the United States

The ambition to recycle more and more materials into new raw materials is also starting to take concrete shape in America and Canada. Innovative solutions for household waste separation are seriously in the picture there. How is VConsyst manifesting itself in this fledgling market?

Underground waste containers in Quebec

In Quebec, the eponymous capital of the Canadian state of Quebec, VConsyst has already installed a number of underground waste containers. Initially, around 300 are involved. VConsyst CEO Edward Rosendaal, responsible for operations in America and Canada: "We are still completely in the pioneering phase in Canada. Modern methods of waste collection as we know them are actually still largely in their infancy. But all indications are that this status quo is going to change soon. We are already showing that we are ready for it with our quality, experience and empathy."

Cooperation with an exclusive reseller

In the relatively new market in America, VConsyst is working closely with exclusive reseller VAN DYK. This company, founded 30 years ago by two Dutch brothers, specialises in the import, installation and maintenance of recycling plants and waste treatment systems. Its products are 90% Dutch-made. Because, Edward Rosendaal explains: "Like us, our partner distinguishes itself by high quality. Experience shows that Dutch top-quality manufacture is a good guarantee for that.