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Flexible collection routes

Features of Flexible Collection Routes

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Filling rate gives advice

For efficient waste collection, it is important to know how full the underground containers are. In practice, containers are found to be half-full on average when they are emptied. A shame, because you save time, resources and reduce environmental impact if you only empty containers when they are (almost) full. To gain better insight into the right emptying moments, you can use fill level measurement. You can measure this with sensors, based on historical fill weight or by the number of drum openings.


More collection routes on one day

Based on filling degree data, the route optimisation system calculates, determines and plans which underground waste containers are emptied on a day and which are not. Collection rounds are therefore more efficient, allowing more underground waste containers to be emptied on a day. In this way, you optimise household waste collection in your municipality.


Fewer vehicles for a better environment

As collection vehicles are used more consciously, your municipality reduces the distances to be covered and thus CO2 emissions. You save on personnel, fuel and maintenance costs. A sustainable form of business that benefits the environment.

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