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Indoor Sorterer

The Sorterer is a selective waste sorting station that provides a solid, 'simple solution with a modern look for collecting various waste fractions with a modern look. The Sorterer is suitable for indoor use, such as in shopping malls, offices, school corridors, public transport halls, etc. Thanks to its flexible design, it can easily be used in different configurations for different waste fractions.

Four collection fractions
Multiple language options available

With the Sorterer, you can easily collect two to four different waste fractions separately. The system allows you to separate various waste streams, including organic waste, residual waste, PMD/plastic, paper, and even deposit bottles and cans. This allows you to manage and recycle different types of waste in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, contributing to a more sustainable future.

For each country or region, there is the option of giving the fractions a different color. Also, the texts on the openings can be adjusted to the appropriate language. Due to the interchangeable fraction designations, even after delivery, of the insert rings, the Sorter is flexible in use.

Easy to keep clean

VConsyst's Indoor Sorterer is designed for effortless and hygienic waste disposal. Thanks to the precise seal at the bottom of the tube, you don't have to worry about leakage. Moreover, the gas springs ensure that the lid stays open easily. This allows you to easily empty each fraction without holding the lid. Because the bags do not stick, it is easy to take the bags out, as they are secured by tension rubbers. This makes it easy to remove the bags from the sorter.

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Erwin Rollema

Erwin Rollema

Commercial Manager International
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