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The CityPRESS is a waste bin that provides up to 6 times more volume than a normal waste bin because of its compactor. This gives it a capacity of around 720 liters. Dirty hands or searching for a foot pedal is a thing of the past with the open throw-in of this innovative waste bin. Even during the compacting cycle, the throw-in remains available. The solar panel and battery combine to make the bin work year-round.

NOTE: The CityPRESS is still in development.

Up to 6 times more volume
Solar panel and the battery

The CityPRESS is a compacting waste bin that enables practical and efficient waste management. With its open throw-in mechanism, it offers passersby a convenient way to deposit waste without dirty hands or fussing with foot pedals. Even during a compacting cycle, waste can be safely tossed into the insert bin. With an impressive compaction capacity of up to 6 times, the CityPRESS can hold up to 720 liters of waste. The modern design fits seamlessly into the CityPole family and comes with a redundant safety system to prevent accidents, automatically blocking the compactor mechanism when the insertion flap is open.
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The solar panel and battery pack work together to ensure that the bin remains operational year-round. The universal lock is strategically placed in an ergonomic position, making it easily accessible to users. In addition, the status of the bin is clearly communicated via LED lighting; a green flashing light indicates that the bin is available, while red flashing light indicates that the bin is in the process of pressing or is in malfunction, allowing users to react quickly to changing situations.

Insight with VConsyst Dynamics

With the use of VConsyst Dynamics, the CityPRESS provides deep insight into waste management performance. After each compacting cycle, the CityPRESS sends essential data to the platform, including GPS location, fill rate, battery level, time of compacting, whether emptying occurred, and the times of the last door openings and closures.

In VConsyst Dynamics, this data is analyzed, allowing users to observe and understand how often the bin compacts waste, how often bins are emptied and what the fill rate is when emptied, as well as the average number of waste compactings per emptying.
This information provides insight into the efficiency of waste management, allowing users to assess whether there are enough, too few or too many bins in different locations, and whether the bins are placed in the right places, taking into account solar panel charging capacity and waste content.

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