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VConsyst makes complex processes simple

A process can always be made simpler. We are passionate about using our knowledge and expertise to make our living environment a little bit easier.

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Every day is different at VConsyst. This dynamic atmosphere suits me well.

Mark van der Beek, Service Desk Coordinator



Dynamic and passionate

What began in the 1980s with a few container concepts has since grown to the delivery of total solutions for the collection of household waste. Driven by the belief in simplicity, since our foundation we have been working on the simplification of complex processes. By delivering total solutions, we wish to support our partners regarding to the collection of valuable raw materials.



A process can always be better and simpler

To translate complex processes into everyday efficiency requires insight, innovation and above all, passion. The passion for the simplification of complex, public processes.

Mission VConsyst aims to make reliable innovation widely available, to enable organizations to increase their insight into, and improve the management of, public processes.


Vision on waste collection processes

Sustainable solutions for increasingly scarce raw materials

Raw materials are becoming scarcer, and that calls for sustainable products and services that can respond to this smartly. Because the world around us is constantly changing, we are always striving for better and simpler processes.

Vision Organizations which collect waste and which are aware of the urgency to reuse increasingly scarce raw materials, can rely on the sustainable solutions provided by VConsyst.


Vision on sport and leisure

Solutions for facilitating easily accessible sport and leisure opportunities

Physical activity is important, that's something we all know. VConsyst contributes to this by facilitating the provision of hassle-free, easy to access sport and leisure opportunities. The fantastic potential of our solutions for payment points, access provision, reservation management, learner tracking systems and lockers can clearly be seen in diverse (sports) facilities.


Vision VConsyst provides organizations with solutions that enable them to offer sport and leisure activities, and encourage their use, in a safe and efficient manner.


Vision on metalworking

Functionality and safety in the public domain

Robust constructions for a safe and functional living environment. We use metal as a component of pumping stations, road construction and hydraulic engineering projects, filtering and separated waste collection.


Vision Organizations that place value on functionality and safety, deploy VConsyst metalwork as part of the solutions in public domains.


Part of

We are part of Venture Group

VConsyst is a part of Venture Group, a dynamic holding company which is active worldwide and employs approximately 1,000 staff. Other companies that are part of the Venture Group parent company are: Hanzeland Personnel Services, Instyle Concepts, Into the Source, Uw Huismeester, V-Access, Vadain and VD&P lawyers.


Safe, conscientious and sustainable

We are certified for a wide range of quality marks.

TÜV type approval: Design approved according to legislation and regulations of the German Technical Inspection Authority

ITS quality mark: Integral accessibility standard (for disabled people)

KICIKEUR®: Quality mark for dry clothing collection

VCA**: Safe operation according to European standards

NEN 3140: National standard for safe operation

NEN 50110: European standard for safe operation

GSB internationally approved coated steel: Quality certificate for coats

EN 10204: Certificate of conformity for steel

NEN-EN 1090-1: Quality mark for public constructions

NEN-EN-ISO 1461: Quality certificate for galvanization

We are also active in these countries

In addition to our Dutch activities, we also offer our products and services internationally.


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