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VConsyst quality is convincing Germany

'Wunderbar', Germans think of the advantages of underground collection with VConsyst. This enthusiasm is largely due to the proverbial 'Gründlichkeit' or VConsyst's manufacturing quality. The durability and solid structure of the product range convince even the critical German collector.


Underground collection is also gaining ground in Germany. It is clean and saves space. The clean design of the insert columns appeals and waste insertion is easy. Moreover, this modern concept is suitable for all types of waste such as cardboard, glass, plastic and residual waste. Benjamin Beelen, manager international business: "The fact that more and more German cities are switching to our collection systems is due to VConsyst's 20 years of experience and top quality, good for sustainably lower operating costs. Our customisation is also perceived as an added value, as every municipality in Germany has its own specific requirements."

Encouraging waste separation

Electronics and software for sophisticated management of collection flows are also in the spotlight in Germany. Large cities like Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Kiel are already taking this step. Project leader Derk Rattink: "Think of electronic user access or fill level detection, so you never empty the waste container too early or too late. You can also manage, for example, by encouraging waste separation. They are certainly not unfamiliar with this in Germany. The use of underground containers is not very big yet, but that is changing rapidly. German collectors also see the opportunities of smart technology to optimise your collection process, according to your wishes. At VConsyst, we can meet those requirements perfectly."

Environmental measures

That recycling is important for the environment and the move towards the circular economy no longer needs to be explained in Germany. German citizens are increasingly aware of the importance of separate waste collection. Benjamin Beelen: "Germany has many environmental measures, for example the Grüne Punkt. This quality mark obliges manufacturers of packaging materials to take back products containing their materials. This is why German citizens have long been able to dispose of their plastic and paper free of charge." VConsyst can take their collection to the next level, by collecting the plastic but also paper underground. Then less transport is needed, it is clean and presentable and the streetscape improves.

Authority in waste collection

What is the dot on the German horizon? Benjamin Beelen: "By 2019, we aim for a minimum of 90% brand awareness among all potential German customers in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Our challenge is to convince more and more German municipalities that VConsyst is the expert authority in waste collection. You can see that the impact of that promise is spreading rapidly across the country, as we have already proven our value to a number of major German clients."