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VConsyst Dynamics

VConsyst Dynamics is a modular back-office management application for underground and above-ground collection resources. Easily manage and configure all collection resources at a glance. This SaaS application supports your collection processes and provides insight into the use of your resources. It runs "in the cloud," allowing users to view and/or manage the status of services on any device from anywhere in the world. This works cross-device, whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The dashboard displays failures, notifications and fill rate data at a glance. Using the latest Microsoft Dynamics Online platform, the software is hosted in a reliable and secure environment. The application has a good connection to common Office packages. Functionalities such as importing and exporting data to, for example, Excel, creating pivot tables or business intelligence are included and work intuitively. In addition to all modules within VConsyst Dynamics, it is also possible to link third-party applications to this new platform.

VConsyst Dynamics modules

Dynamics is modular, which means that all modules fit together seamlessly and can fully support your process. The modular structure of the platform provides flexibility for each phase or growth of your business. It is possible to start with Asset Management only and expand at a later stage.

Asset Management Module
Site Management Module

The Asset Management module forms the basis of VConsyst Dynamics. Most of the processes are directly or indirectly related to an asset. Assets are fully configurable within VConsyst Dynamics. Under the terminology asset, the system understands by default: container, waste bin, roll cage, electronics, sensors, installations. One or more components can be assigned to assets. An asset provides direct insight into the systems basic data, location data, warranty and history of the assets.

As with the Asset Management module, the Site Management module has a central role within VConsyst Dynamics. Many of the services (e.g., environmental passes, containers and the environmental street) use the parcel. A parcel (residential connection, address) consists of a zip code, house number and therefore street name, city and country. Depending on the linked and configured resources, a parcel can use the services provided. Thus, a plot can be typed as private or business, of course a combination is also possible.

Smart Data

The Smartdata module for collection systems provides instant insight into data related to the authorization, registration, configuration of collection devices. This makes it easy to adjust the configuration of Chiplock® electronics, among others, via the cloud. Smart systems cannot do without the Smartdata module, the behavior of the systems included in Asset Management is determined here.

Environmental Street Management
Service Engineers App

The Environmental Site Management module allows you to control the environmental sites within your collection area. This allows you to easily link a balance to your resident's existing environmental card so they obtain a limited number of visits, deposits or kg per fiscal year. We integrate and/or link the module to existing access systems, weighbridges and financial software packages. This allows the Environmental Street module to fit seamlessly within your overall waste stream management.

This app is an additional service associated with the Chiplock® product line. From version 4.0 it is possible to make a wireless connection with the Chiplock® via the Mechanic App. This way the mechanic is able to perform work in the field which normally can only be done via analog or 3rd line service desk. To best support the employee in the field, the processes within the app are user-friendly.

Wheely bin management

With the VConsyst Wheely Bin Management solution, each individual container is identified by the unique number of the container chip. This provides municipalities and waste collectors with very detailed information about their collection activities. This provides the municipality or collector with a specific advantage: transparency of the collection process. It is a perfect management tool for collectors and municipalities.

Service module
Door scan app

The Service module within VConsyst Dynamics forms an important link between Asset Management, Smartdata and the regular use of the asset. It may happen that a collection device cannot be used due to e.g. a technical defect. These reports can be registered directly in the Service module. Action can then be taken e.g. in the form of a problem analysis or deployment of the technical service.

By using this module you will gain insight into the number of service actions, materials used and thus the TCO. Preventive maintenance can also be planned on a regular basis.

This app supports collectors in the collection of garbage at the front door of the resident(s). The target group concerns disabled people and/or residents who are not able to dispose of garbage independently in the designated collection containers. The app provides the employee with a means to validate environmental pass at the door. On which the resident can approve the deposit of garbage, if Diftar / recycling rate applies it will be registered on the parcel concerned. This makes the solution fully Diftar-proof.

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