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Route- and backoffice system

All the information about your containers available in your vehicle and in a backoffice system

Features of the route- and backoffice system

Vehicle equipment
Management application

Vehicle equipment

Authorisation and registration of wheelie bins

The chip reader in the vehicle reads the chip in the roll container, after which the vehicle equipment determines whether the container can be emptied or not. Displaying this information can be done via two systems: Chiplock® Truck Basic and Chiplock® Truck Advanced. Chiplock® Truck Basis displays, processes and communicates the data of the roll containers and the number of successful empties. Chiplock® Truck Advanced is more comprehensive and includes a navigation function for efficient collection routes.

Management application

Clear view in the backoffice system

From the collection vehicle, the roll container data are sent to the roll container ID module in the back office. In this way, you ultimately pass on the correct amount to the relevant household (Diftar). Via the dashboard, you also view the locations of your collection vehicles and follow live empties. This allows you to proactively manage any bottlenecks during collection. The roller container ID module is part of VConsyst Dynamics.

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With all common software packages

For an efficient working method, it is relevant to have a clear and well-organised overview of your collection process. For a good insight into this, you simply link your management software to the VConsyst Dynamics management platform. VConsyst has the knowledge, experience and expertise to realise such links for your situation.