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Revision and renovation

Your collection systems in a new look

When a container is outdated or when you want to switch from another system to Metro®, you can opt for conversion. For each situation, we look at the possibilities in terms of parts to be retained and replaced. We provide detailed advice and guide you in choosing the most suitable solution.

Features of overhaul and renovation

Partial replacements
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Every part counts

Would you like to expand an existing collection system with additional functionalities, such as filling level measurement or a different fraction? Or do you want to switch to smart containers or another power source for the existing electronics? Let us know your wishes. We like to think along with you! Together we take your collection systems to a higher level.

Passes and card readers; Fit into your house style

We supply different types of passes, depending on your wishes and collection situation. You can also contact us for subsequent delivery of previously ordered passes. If desired, we can provide these consecutively numbered and including a whitelist file. The cards are designed according to your wishes, completely in line with your corporate identity. You can also purchase card readers and processing software separately from us.

Are there parts of your collection system that no longer function properly? Sometimes it is not necessary to replace the entire container and partial replacement offers a solution. A more sustainable solution than new containers and friendlier for your budget. By partial replacement you get a better return on your initial investment. We are happy to think along with you, because depending on the situation, you may also save costs in the long term.

Batteries; Advice, delivery and exchange service

The Chiplock® Graphics access electronics require a power source. This can be done by opting for a battery or solar cell in combination with a battery. The system will indicate when it is time to replace the power source. Simply place your repeat order and we will supply you with a new, original power source. If desired, we also offer an exchange service.