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Metro® M61

Product line M61 consists of a family of underground containers suitable for the collection of diverse fractions of household waste by residents of a densely populated area; within the built-up area of a village or city.

The M61 column stands slightly off-center on the pedestrian platform and is characterized by a subtle design in which the lifting frame and the various insertion openings are integrated.

Hoisting systems

Among other things, the M61 can be used for the following waste fractions:

  • Plastic and residual waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Glass
  • Diapers and textiles

The column is available in three different widths, namely 60, 70 and 80 centimeters. The widths of the column correspond to the volumes of the drums. In addition, a double "diftar" insert column is available with two 60 and 30 liter drums respectively, giving residents the choice to also deposit 30 liter waste for half the price. In this case, both drums deposit the waste in a container suitable for 1 waste fraction.

Different lift systems can be used for the container namely a hook or Kinshofer system. The choice depends on the system installed on the emptier's truck. With a two- or three-hook lifting system, it is possible to collect multiple waste streams in the container. The duo and trio glass insertion column is an example of this.

The column is powder-coated and has a high-quality anti-graffiti coating, making it easy to clean. In addition, the streamlined design ensures that no water remains on the pedestal.

On customer specification, the columns can be provided with stickers. Group indications, yes/no texts or (municipal) logos are permanently applied to the column.

Access Control

To lock the inlets, the VConsyst Chiplock system can be used. By presenting a unique card to the card reader, the electronic lock is unlocked and the user can dispose of waste. Or prepare the Chiplock system with a Pin Pad for paid transactions directly at the underground container.

By integrating the Chiplock with our VConsyst Dynamics management software, it is possible to monitor citizen waste disposal behavior at any location. In addition, the system can also be paired with a fill level sensor and a solar cell.

VConsyst Safetyfloor

The safety floor is one of the most important safety components. It prevents anyone from falling into the concrete pit when the underground container is lifted. VConsyst safety floors meet the requirements of the NEN-EN 13071-2 standards and are characterized by their operational reliability, durability and minimum maintenance requirements.

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