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Cocon & Mini Collector

The mini collector is a container with a hoisting system for collecting smaller amounts of waste for e.g. biowaste and diapers. With a volume of 800 liters, this solution can hold a lot of waste.

The cocoon has been specifically developed to contain a 240 liter wheelie bin which can be used for bio waste and diapers. The cocoon can be easily placed on a flat surface.

Bio Waste Cocoon

The cocoon is specially designed for the collection of bio waste. A 240 liter wheelie bin can be placed on the inside of the column by opening the service door at the back. It can be mounted to the left or right. The geometry of the column creates a robust unit, made of 3 mm thick galvanized steel (Sendzimir), so the container will last a long time.

The fresh, modern and streamlined design ensures that no puddles of water remain on the column. The front and back of the column have ventilation openings. This exposes the fraction to the air and keeps it from scalding in an enclosed compartment. This reduces odor nuisance.

Mini Collector

The mini-collector, with a volume of 800 liters, is a container for collecting smaller quantities of bio waste or incontinence material .

The steel ground container of the mini-collector is only up to 40 centimeters below ground level. This makes the solution easy to place without coming into contact with cables and pipes.

There are two different types of inlets for the mini-collector, a 40-liter double rotating drum and a throw-in valve. In addition, a 2-hook intake system, or a Kinshofer system can be used. The container can be configured with doors and mechanical or electronic locks.

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