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Aboveground containers

The AWS Flex (Aboveground Waste System) is an aboveground container that is very suitable for the collection of various waste fractions. The container can be placed directly on the pavement without prior excavation or installation work. In addition to this flexibility, the product itself can also be flexibly adapted to the customer's requirements. Even after installation in the field, conversion is easy to perform.

The design with the split front surface equipped with interchangeable fronts makes the aboveground container fully modular. In addition to the interchangeable fraction plates, it is possible to fit both front insertion openings with doors. The doors are optionally lockable with mechanical or electric locks. The mounting system is also interchangeable with this product line. From two-hook, to three-hook or Kinshofer in no time.

Hoisting systems

The front plate of the AWS Flex product line features two openings, each of which can be individually equipped with an inletsystem. The inlet openings all fit on the same openings in the front plate and are therefore easily interchangeable even after installation in the field. This ensures that different fractions can be easily collected.

A Kinshofer, 2 hook or 3 hook hoisting system can be used. The hoisting system is also modularly interchangeable. The two bottom valves are hinged to the container wall. The bottom valves are operated by the recording system via the lifting yoke.

The container can be equipped with doors and mechanical or electronic locks. The above-ground containers can be easily placed on a flat surface.

Access Control

To lock the inlets, the container can be configurated with doors and mechanical or with the VConsyst Chiplock system. By presenting a waste card to the card reader, the electronic lock is unlocked and the user can dispose of waste. Or prepare the Chiplock system with a Pin Pad for paid transactions directly at the underground container.

By integrating the Chiplock with our VConsyst Dynamics management software, it is possible to monitor citizen dumping behavior at any location. In addition, the system can also be paired with a fill level sensor and a solar cell.

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