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Underground waste containers

The VConsyst underground containers are equipped with the latest technology.
Think about:

  • Fill level measurement
  • Automatic updates
  • Container IDs

By equipping our products with the latest electronics, we are able to keep your living environment cleaner.
With the information you receive from our underground containers, you can also gain insight into what you still need to do to get a better picture of the objectives of 2050.
We are happy to unburden you and think along with you. Would you like to know how our underground containers can help you make your living space more sustainable? Then please contact us.

VConsyst underground waste containers

Direct insight into your container data
Accessible to everyone

With our Container & Location module you manage the basic data of your waste containers. Information about locations, warranty and history is also clearly visible in the simple dashboard. To give an example, with the graphic card you have a clear picture of your containers and their locations at a glance. The Container & Location module is part of our management software VConsyst Dynamics.

Citizens simply dump their waste by using a waste pass (chip card). Underground containers are accessible and user-friendly for every adult due to their compact shape and stable pedestrian platform. A safety device and an underground storage volume of up to 7 m3 are hidden under the slender throw-in column and the pedestrian platform.

A waste bin that fits in with the streetscape

The visible part of the underground container is part of the living environment. It is therefore important that it fits within the streetscape. A wide variety of appearance can be created through the countless combinations of shape, color and material. The options for insertion openings and container pick-up systems also vary. We offer a suitable solution for every situation.

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Erwin Rollema

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