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Chiplock 5

The Chiplock® 5 is a product specially developed to offer a sustainable solution for control and registration when offering waste. It guides citizens through the process in a user-friendly way and provides insight into the behavior and results from the waste streams.

Chiplock: a complete system
Chiplock® 5 Pin Pad Solution

A standard set of Chiplock® 5 includes the essential components, such as the Controller with a flat cover, a Battery Box including battery, and the Bi-Stable Servo Lock. In the case of a Chiplock DUO, one controller is used to control two locks, with two locks supplied to control both fill openings. In addition, the card reader on the Chiplock® 5 supports ISO 14443A (STOSAG), ISO 14443B Mifare cards and Mifare Keyfobs.

The Chiplock® 5 system is normally opened with a waste pass. However, there are situations where occasional or seasonal waste is presented to the waste collection system, such as at marinas, vacation parks and campsites. To provide occasional or temporary access to the waste collection system in addition to the regular waste pass, the Chiplock® 5 provides this capability.

Use and insight
Circularity and choice of materials

Built from reliable and durable components, Chiplock® 5 has proven itself in the field over the years. The display is large and easy to read. By integrating the Chiplock® 5 with our VConsyst Dynamics management software, it is possible to control and monitor citizen waste disposal behavior at any location.

All information is retrievable; who, where, when and how much has been dumped, in accordance with applicable AVG regulations. This provides good insight into behavior and allows the filling rate of the containers to be measured and/or predicted so that the containers can be emptied more efficiently and in case of placements prevented.

The design of the Chiplock® 5 takes into account the use of sustainable materials with minimal negative impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Materials are reused, repaired, refurbished and recycled as much as possible.

Batteries are disposed of and delivered to Stibat. Stibat facilitates the circular economy of batteries and accumulators. They strive for raw material and product reuse and safe and sustainable disposal.

Versions & modules

The Chiplock® offers several modules for effective waste management. With the Prepaid module, the user pays with each deposit, while the Incognito module ensures privacy by not storing internal card numbers. The Diftar module records tiered fees based on waste offered, with the Chiplock® 5 ensuring accurate recording. The Chiplock® 5.0 Sensor, with ultrasonic technology and customizable measurement filters, is a proven sensor that is easy to mount and resistant to aggressive vapors.

Apps & training

Designed specifically for service technicians working with underground systems equipped with the Chiplock product line, there is now the Dynamics Mechanics App. This app allows mechanics to perform wireless configurations, providing efficiency and convenience during installations and maintenance.

In addition to our app, we also offer training for installing and maintaining Chiplock systems. These trainings are designed to ensure that installers and maintenance personnel are familiar with VConsyst Dynamics products.

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