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The Surco (Semi Underground Round COntainer) is a container very suitable for the collection of various waste fractions.

Due to the concrete pit standing 90 centimeters above ground level, it is not necessary to apply a safety floor with this type of container. In addition, this raised concrete edge ensures that rainwater cannot enter the pit through the pavement. Even at locations with many differences in elevation in the landscape.

Hoisting systems

The lid plate of the Surco has two openings, each of which can be separately equipped with an inlet. The inlets all fit on the same openings in the lid plate and are therefore easy to exchange even after installation in the field. This ensures that different fractions can be easily collected.

With the Surco, a stop hook system, or a Kinshofer lifting system can be used. Depending on the users needs.


The outside of the visible part of the concrete pit is provided with a wood-look relief in the concrete. In addition, a Sendzimir-galvanized fraction plate can be applied to the outside that serves as a substrate for the fraction sticker.

Concrete pit

The concrete pit is the foundation of the entire system and protects the container and waste from water, dirt and outside loads. The concrete pit is suitable for a 5m3 container. A pit infill is available to also allow 4m3 containers to be used in a 5m3 concrete pit.


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Erwin Rollema

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