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Semi underground and above ground containers

Characteristics of semi-underground & above-ground containers

Flexibly deployable
A useful tool
The golden mean


The golden mean
It is often the case that underground waste collection is preferred, but insufficient burial depth prevents it. A semi-underground container is then the solution. Because part of the storage volume is underground, this form of collection fits in better with the streetscape than completely above-ground waste collection. The colour and pick-up system of the container can be chosen to suit your needs. Semi-underground collection systems are suitable for all waste flows: VGF, glass, paper, plastic, PMD, residual or textile.

Above Ground

Flexibly deployable
Don't have space or options for underground collection? An above-ground container is the answer. Flexible in use and easy to place and move. Every waste flow except VGF waste can be collected with an above-ground container: glass, paper, plastic, PMD, rest or textiles. You decide on the colour and pick-up system of the container.

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