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An expert for over 250 years

VConsyst is a leading socially conscious service provider with total solutions for the complete design and management of public outdoor spaces.

We are a new market team, supported by a strong organisation, whose mission is to be a leading player and image maker in the field of bicycle parking, litter bins, underground containers, canopies and seating in public outdoor spaces. With more than 250 years of combined experience, we like to think along with the customer in terms of circularity, innovation and management. We contribute to the circular economy by making and maintaining the right products and services.

Careful, safe and durable

We know our customer and its environment, produce efficiently and come up with new products and solutions every time. In doing so, we keep looking to increase brainpower and development opportunities. This is why our organisation and/or specific products are certified for a variety of quality marks.

  • ISO 9001:2015: Internationale norm voor kwaliteitsbeheer
  • ISO 14001:2015: Internationale norm voor milieumanagement
  • VCA** 2017/6.0: Veilig werken volgens Europese standaarden
  • CO2-bewust certificaat niveau 5, versie 3.0: Certificaat voor CO2 bewust handelen

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