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Route and back office system

All your wheelie bin data accessible within the collection vehicle and from the back office

In practice

Collection vehicle equipment

Authorization and registration of wheelie bins

The chip reader in the collection vehicle reads the chip in the wheelie bin, and the vehicle equipment then determines whether the bin may be emptied or not. This information can be displayed via two systems: Chiplock® Truck Basis and Chiplock® Truck Advanced. Chiplock® Truck Basis displays, processes and communicates the wheelie bin data and the number of bins successfully emptied. Chiplock® Truck Advanced is more comprehensive and contains, among others, a navigation function for more efficient collection routes.

Management application Route and Back office system

Management application

Clear overview in the back office

The wheelie bin data is sent from the collection vehicle to the Rolcontainer ID module in the back office. With this, the correct fee can be charged to the concerned households (PAYT). Via the dashboard, you can view the locations of your collection vehicles and follow the emptying live. This enables you to proactively manage any bottlenecks in the collection process. The Rolcontainer ID module is a part of the VConsyst Dynamics management platform.



With all commonly-used software packages

If you wish to maximize efficiency, it is important to have a clear picture of your collection process. For detailed insight into this, you can simply link your management software to the VConsyst Dynamics management platform. VConsyst has the knowledge, experience and expertise to set up these links for your specific situation.

Customized is our standard

We tailor your collection streams to your specific requirements

Choice of Chiplock® Truck Basis or Advanced

Can be combined with a weighing system in the collection vehicle

Useful method in municipalities with PAYT schemes

VConsyst Dynamics provides a clear picture of your wheelie bin data

Link to management software for an optimum waste collection process


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Safe operation according to European standards

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