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Metro® underground waste containers

User-friendly and multifaceted underground waste containers for separated collection

In practice


Strong, stable, low-maintenance

Metro® underground collection systems are used for the collection of household waste. You decide which waste streams you wish to include: organic, glass, paper, plastic, metal and drinks packaging, textiles or general waste. As well as blending in well with its surroundings, it is important that the container is strong and robust. This ensures that the deposit bin and access platform can easily withstand improper use and vandalism. The VConsyst underground containers are low-maintenance.

Compact waste systems VConsyst


Accessible for everyone

Citizens can easily deposit their refuse using an access card (chip card). Due to the compact design and stable access platform, Metro® underground waste containers are user-friendly and accessible to all adults. Beneath the stylish deposit bin and the access platform is a safety feature and an underground storage capacity of up to 7 m3.

Underground waste containers VConsyst


A deposit bin that fits well in its surroundings

The visible component of the waste container is part of the local environment. Therefore, it is important that this fits in well with the surroundings. The Metro® system offers a wide range of options for the appearance of the deposit bin, with countless combinations of shape, colour and material available. The deposit bin opening and the lifting system are also available in diverse designs. We can provide the right solution for every situation.

VConsyst Dynamics dashboard devices

Waste container management

Direct access to your waste container data

Our Container & Location module enables you to manage your waste containers' basic data. Also information about the locations, warranty and history of your containers is easily accessible via the simple dashboard. For example: the graphics card gives you a clear overview of all your containers and their locations, at a glance. The Container & Location module is part of our VConsyst Dynamics management software.

Customized is our standard

We tailor your underground waste containers to your specific requirements.

One, two or three separate compartments

Wide range of lifting systems and deposit openings

Diverse shapes and sizes of deposit bins

If space is limited, duo refuse containers can be the solution


We work according to the standards below

TUV quality mark

TÜV type approval

Design approved according to legislation and regulations of the German Technical Inspection Authority

ITS quality mark VConsyst

ITS quality mark

Integral accessibility standard (for disabled people)

KICI quality mark VConsyst


Quality mark for dry clothing collection



Safe operation according to European standards

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