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VConsyst Waste Collection Systems


A happy medium

While underground waste collection may be the preferred option, insufficient ground depth often renders this impossible. In this case, a semi-underground waste container is the ideal solution. Because part of the storage capacity is underground, this method blends in better with the surroundings than fully above-ground systems. The colour of the waste container's lifting system is entirely your choice. Semi-underground waste collection systems are suitable for all waste streams: organic, glass, paper, plastic, metal and drinks packaging, textiles and general waste.


Highly versatile

Do you lack the space or opportunity for underground waste collection? Then an above-ground container offers a solution. Highly versatile and easy to install and move. All waste streams except organic waste can be collected with an above-ground container: glass, paper, plastic, metal and drinks packaging, textiles or general waste. The colour of the lifting system is entirely your choice.



A useful tool

For emptying a wheelie bin into an underground waste container, the KlikoKieper is an extremely useful system. A practical solution if, for instance, you produce large amounts of waste daily and can't take every refuse bag outside. With the KlikoKieper, the full wheelie bin can easily be emptied into the underground waste container at the end of the day or week, without you having to get your hands dirty.

Customized is our standard

We tailor your underground waste containers to your requirements.

Semi-underground solution in case of insufficient ground depth

Above-ground waste containers are versatile and easy to move.

The KlikoKieper as a useful took for emptying a wheelie bins into an underground collection system


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