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Registration and authorization of waste containers

Registration and authorization

Precise data about your waste containers, enabling more targeted use of the facility

In practice

Waste depositing activities

Waste depositing activities

Insight into the use of your waste containers

When the Metro® underground waste containers are coupled with our Chiplock® 4.0 electronics, we refer to a 'smart container'. With this access system you identify, authorize and register the waste depositing activities of local residents. This gives you insight into the current situation and a complete overview of the use of the underground container such as depositing, blockage of the container by trapped refuse, and malfunctions.

Interaction waste containers


Intuitive communication with users

Citizens can easily deposit their waste using an access card. When this closes, the refuse bag automatically falls into the container. The graphical display instructs the user via text and universal pictograms. You can choose whether you wish to display your logo or other text and/or image on the screen. These interactive containers make your waste collection process clear and controllable. They are highly versatile and are particularly useful for municipalities which apply differentiated tariffs for waste collection (PAYT, or 'pay as you throw' schemes).


For every waste container

The Chiplock® 4.0 electronics package is modular and therefore easy to tailor exactly to your wishes. For instance, you may wish to choose fill-level detection via movement of the deposit bin opening or via sensors. You determine which power source for the electronics suits your situation best. The data communication takes place according to the STOSAG open standards. Partly for this reason, our electronics can be used for all models and types of underground waste containers (made by third parties).


Control of your waste containers with the Smartdata module

With the Smartdata module in VConsyst Dynamics you can manage, among others, the authorization, registration and configuration of your collection resources. Daily tasks such as changing waste deposit locations and access card management can easily be handled with this application. Technical data relating to your containers, such as fill-level, battery power and the number of deposit bin openings, is also close to hand. The clear reports offer insight into all aspects of your waste container site.

Customized is our standard

We tailor your collection streams to your specific requirements

Forecast the emptying of your underground waste containers

Optimize your waste collection process through fill-level monitoring

Opt for battery or solar cell as power source for your access electronics

Choose a prepaid payment system if this suits best in your situation


We work according to the standards below



Safe operation according to European standards

ISO 9001:2008

Internationale norm voor kwaliteitsbeheer

ISO 14001:2004

Internationale norm voor milieumanagement

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