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Insight into waste containers


Measure to manage

When you supplement our Metro® underground or above-ground waste containers with our Chiplock® 4.0 electronics, the containers can send and receive data. With this, the containers are controllable and are referred to as 'smart containers'. With the access electronics you identify, authorize and register the refuse depositing activities of citizens. This gives you insight into the current situation and a complete overview of the use of the facility such as depositing, blockage of the waste container by trapped refuse, and malfunctions. As an add-on to this technology you can opt for fill-level measurement with Chiplock® IoT sensor, an autonomous 'plug and play' fill level measurement system. You will therefore know exactly how full your containers are, enabling you to forecast emptying times for optimal planning.


With the Chiplock® IoT sensor

With insight into the fill-level of your waste containers, you will ultimately be able to steer the refuse depositing behaviour of your users. Is one container hardly ever used, while another is overloaded? The Chiplock® IoT sensor measures the fill-level every hour and sends this data via the SIGFOX network. By using this European-wide wireless network, the costs and the energy and data utilization remain low. Partly for this reason, the Chiplock® IoT sensor has a lifespan of more than 10 years.


Efficient collection routes based on the right knowledge

When a waste container is (almost) full, it has to be emptied as soon as possible. With the Chiplock® IoT sensor, fill-level information is clear and accurate, enabling you to plan your waste collection routes accordingly. With this, you optimize your collection process and in so doing save time, costs and the environment. Fill-level information also facilitates decision-making regarding preventive maintenance and repairs.



Control of your waste containers with the Smartdata module

With the Smartdata module in VConsyst Dynamics, you can manage the authorization, registration and configuration of your collection resources. Daily tasks such as changing waste deposit locations and access card management can easily be handled with this application. Also information on the users, waste deposits, fill-level, fire alerts and the most recent emptying date is readily available. With its clear and easily interpretable reports, the Smartdata module offers insight into waste depositing activities within your municipality.

Customized is our standard

We tailor your collection streams to your specific requirements

Forecast the emptying of your underground waste containers through fill-level monitoring

Carefully coordinate your collection routes on the basis of up-to-date information on the fill-level of your containers

Opt for battery or solar cell as power source for your electronics

Smart containers can be used in a diverse range of environments and are ideal for municipalities which apply differentiated tariffs for waste collection.

Chiplock® IoT sensor: autonomous 'plug-and-play' fill-level system suitable for different fractions


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ITS quality mark

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