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The fill-level as a reliable guide

For efficient collection it is important to know how full the underground waste containers are. In practice, however, the average container is only half-full when it is emptied. That's a real shame, as you will save time, resources and reduce stress on the environment if the containers are only emptied when they are (almost) full. For more accurate insight into the best times to empty the containers, fill-level measurement is the ideal solution. The fill-level can be measured via sensors, based on historical fill weight or by the number of deposit bin openings.

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More collection routes in a day

Based on fill-level data, the route optimization system calculates, determines and plans which waste containers will be emptied on a particular day and which will not. Collection rounds are therefore more efficient, meaning more containers can be emptied in a day. In this way, you can optimize the collection of household waste in your municipality.



Fewer vehicles and a better environment

By making more conscious use of collection vehicles, your municipality decreases the distances covered and with this, its CO2emissions. Moreover, staff, fuel and maintenance costs are also reduced. A sustainable form of operational management which greatly benefits the environment.

Customized is our standard

A suitable solution for every situation

A carefully coordinated collection process using fill-level measurement

The fill-level can be detected in different ways

Reduce CO2 emissions through the precise and efficient use of collection vehicles

Through the efficient emptying of your waste containers you save time and reduce costs


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