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Your collection systems with a new look

When a waste container has aged, or when you wish to switch from another system to Metro®, you can also opt for a total overhaul. For each situation we consider the options and the components which can be kept and which need to be replaced. We will issue detailed recommendations and assist you in choosing the most suitable solution for you.

Upgrading waste systems VConsyst


Your waste containers upgraded to a higher level

Would you like to expand your existing collection system with extra functionalities, such as fill-level measurement or an additional fraction? Or do you wish to switch to the use of smart containers or a different power source for the existing electronics? Let us know your requirements; we would love to exchange ideas with you! Together we will raise your collection system to a higher level.

Part replacement waste systems VConsyst

Part replacement

Every part counts

Are there components of your collection system which no longer function as they should? It is not always necessary to replace the entire waste container, and in these cases, part replacement can offer a solution. A more sustainable option than new containers, and friendlier for your budget: part replacement will result in a greater return on your initial investment. We would love to exchange ideas with you; depending on the situation, you may save in costs in the long term.

Customized is our standard

A suitable solution for every situation

Overhaul of existing (ageing) systems or waste containers made by third parties

Upgrading for additional functionalities

Partial replacement or modification of your underground waste containers


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