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Maintenance services

Your underground waste containers in optimum condition

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So your waste containers always meet the safety requirements

Although our Metro® underground waste containers are safe and low-maintenance, it is advisable to have your collection system periodically inspected. In that way, you will know the current maintenance state of your containers and can be sure that they meet the applicable safety requirements. Our inspectors utilize the VConsyst inspection method and, if required, will also inspect in accordance with the (supplementary) requirements of TÜV Nederland, including the issue of the accompanying inspection certificate. Besides own Metro® underground containers we also inspect all types and models of containers made by third parties.



Malfunctions or defects expertly repaired

In the event of a technical malfunction, our service technicians will be dispatched to resolve the problem. They will make repairs to your underground waste containers and electronics, and can also repair malfunctions in collection vehicle equipment or recycling stations. Our service vehicles are set up as mobile work shops, meaning most malfunctions and defects can be resolved on the spot. For the replacement of components, VConsyst always uses original spare parts.


For a clean living environment, free from unpleasant odours

To optimize the lifespan and functioning of your collection systems and for a clean and tidy environment, it is important to have your underground waste containers periodically cleaned.  Clean containers encourage citizens to deposit their refuse responsibly, and prevent unpleasant odours. The deposit bin, the inside and outside of the drum, the access platform, the entire inner container and the (concrete) pit are thoroughly washed and cleaned. We simultaneously inspect the collection system for defects. As well as our own Metro® underground waste containers, we also clean all types of (underground) waste containers made by third parties.

Alerts and service management

Alerts and service management

Up to date notifications, at a glance

With the Service software module you have an up-to-date status overview of all your waste containers, including all notifications and servicing operations. The module informs you of pending notifications and planned and completed services, such as repairs, cleaning and inspection. Direct and indirect costs and also cost overviews such as TCO are accessible via the user-friendly dashboard. The Service module is part of the VConsyst Dynamics management software.

Customized is our standard

A suitable solution for every situation

We will inspect your waste containers in accordance with the applicable safety requirements

Malfunctions can be fixed on the spot and repairs take place using original parts

Periodic cleaning ensures optimum functioning, encourages use of the waste collection facility and prevent unpleasant odours

The Service module in VConsyst Dynamics gives you an overview of notifications from your waste containers


We work according to the standards below



Safe operation according to European standards

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