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Self-service payment point

Visitors pay for their products themselves

In practice



Pay for products and add credit

The VConsyst self-service payment point is fast, user-friendly, and above all allows your visitors to pay for their products autonomously. Your guests can effortlessly purchase their items via this unstaffed payment point.



Self-service for your visitor

With our self-service payment point your visitors can pay for their day tickets, subscriptions or other products autonomously. That's extremely convenient: both for you due to the reduction in staffing costs, and for your visitors due to the self service. Larger facilities benefit from deploying the self-service payment point during busy periods. But also for smaller establishments the unstaffed payment point is ideal.



With our user-friendly self-service payment point

Experience shows us that some visitors really value the ability to order their products themselves or to add their refreshment credits. With our user-friendly self-service payment point, your guests can easily and autonomously pay for their items via PIN. Our self-service payment points are also accessible for disable visitors.

Customized is our standard

We will tailor your payment point to your specific requirements

You determine the colour and the number of items on the payment screen

Lightens the load for your main reception desk

Accelerates access provision to your facility

Constant access to visitor information and history

Easy view management reports

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