Wherever you are


Payment point for your reception

Essential for a swift and efficient throughflow of visitors

In practice



At your staffed or unstaffed reception

For fast and efficient transaction processing, you've come to the right place at VConsyst. With our WinConsyst® Payment System, your visitors pay for their products swiftly and effortlessly at your staffed or unstaffed reception. Where possible, they receive immediate access to your swimming pool or sports facilities.



Add credits on wristband or card

Visitors can purchase day tickets or subscriptions (among others) via diverse payment methods. They can also add credit to their card, wristband or barcode which they can then spend within your facilities.



Financial reports clear and interpretable

Our payment system incorporates a diverse range of monitoring functions and provides clear, easy to interpret management information. This is essential for accurate insight into your sales. In addition, the visitor information and visitor history is always readily accessible.

Customized is our standard

We will tailor your payment point to your specific requirements

You determine the colour and the number of items on the payment screen

Add credits for your guests' food and beverage purchases

Constant access to visitor information and history

Easy view management reports

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