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Register orders on the terrace with our mobile payment point

For the fast and efficient handling of transactions, at VConsyst you've come to the right place. With our WinConsyst® Payment System, your customers can effortlessly pay for their purchases in your restaurant or cafe. What's more, orders from customers on the outside terrace can easily be registered using the mobile payment point.


Add payment credit

On card or wristband

As well as offering maximum convenience for your visitors, payment credit on a card or wristband is also good for business. With payment credit, the need to carry cash or PIN cards or to retrieve money from the locker is history. What's more, parents can easily add a certain amount of credit to their child's card or wristband, enabling them to buy an ice cream or a drink. The cost of this purchase will then be deducted from their credit.



Financial reports clear and interpretable

Our payment system incorporates a diverse range of monitoring functions and provides clear, easy to interpret management information. This is essential for accurate insight into your sales. In addition, the visitor information and visitor history is always readily accessible.

Customized is our standard

We will tailor your payment point to your specific requirements

Set up your payment screen yourself

Use the mobile payment point for taking customers' orders at the table

You determine the colour and the number of items on the payment screen

Opt for a bar or kitchen printer if that suits your situation

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