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Online payment

Let visitors purchase tickets, lesson cards and other products from the comfort of their own home

In practice



Easy payment for subscriptions and lessons

The option to purchase and/or renew day tickets, lesson cards, season tickets or subscriptions online is not only a good service for your visitors, but it also ensures a faster throughflow of customers at the entrance to your facilities. As well as direct payment, your guests can also effortlessly register for, for instance, swimming lessons using this online tool.


Via your own website

Visitors remain on your website

By using our WinConsyst® Online Payment Application, your visitor will not disappear from your own website. The payment window temporarily covers half of your web page and automatically disappears after the transaction has been completed. A major advantage; after all, nobody wants to see their website visitors leave.


Lighten the load for your reception

Immediate access to the turnstiles

If they have already purchased a ticket or subscription online, visitors do not have to join the queue on arrival. Your guests can also top up their lesson cards from home. Not only does this lighten the load for the main reception, but it also enhances the throughflow of visitors, and also therefore, the customer experience.

Customized is our standard

We will tailor your payment point to your specific requirements

Matches your corporate colour

Lightens the load for your main reception desk

Accelerates access provision to your facility

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