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Clear, well-organized rental of conference rooms and other spaces

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Generate quotes and make reservations, fast and simple

With the WinConsyst® Reservation Application, you can easily make a booking or reserve an option for your visitors. Producing quotes is also straightforward, and the (conference/ meeting) room hire and catering package can be combined. The system takes into account all the activities planned within your facilities, thereby eliminating any risk of double-booking.



Link with payment system

Our reservation software is integrated within the WinConsyst® Payment Application, which allows you to process payments for bookings. Quotes and invoices can also be compiled within the reservation software and the use of variable tariffs is also possible. Consider, for example, subsidized sports associations and commercial companies.



Insight into capacity availability, at a glance

Whether you run a conference/ meeting room complex, a sports facility, a multifunctional centre or a swimming pool, the WinConsyst® Reservation Application is suitable for use in a diverse range of environments. Our software allows you to alternate seamlessly between individual, periodic or seasonal bookings. With a new booking or room hire request, the system automatically takes account of activities that have already been planned in. For example, if an aquafit class is already scheduled at a particular time, that section of the pool cannot be booked by a swimming club at the same time.

Customized is our standard

We align your reservation software with your rental process

Utilizable in all kinds of (sports)facilities

Link the reservation software to your payment system

Charge variable tariffs to different customers

Easy to generate quotes and invoices

No risk of double-bookings

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