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Online reservation

Users reserve meeting rooms and other spaces online

In practice


Online planning

Online bookings and reservations

With the WinConsyst® Online Reservation Application, your visitors can make their bookings themselves online, an additional service for your customers. The application takes account of activities already scheduled within your facility, thus eliminating any risk of double-booking.



Direct payment online

After making their reservation online, with the WinConsyst® Online Reservation Application your customers can also pay for their booking immediately. In doing so, no payment is needed at the time of the activity, which enhances convenience all round.



Insight into capacity availability, at a glance

Whether you run a conference/ meeting room complex, a sports facility, a multifunctional centre or a swimming pool, WinConsyst® Reservation Software is suitable for use in a diverse range of environments. The application provides a constant overview of the utilization of your facilities, at the touch of a button.

Customized is our standard

We align your reservation software with your rental process

Utilizable in all kinds of (sports)facilities

Provides an additional service for your visitors with the online reservation module

Clear and user-friendly

No risk of double-bookings

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