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Software controlled locking systems for lockers and cloakroom cupboards

In practice



No worries

Our Multilock® software controlled locking system allows your guests to safely store their clothing and valuables in lockers and cupboards. A robust, low-maintenance and extremely reliable system which can easily withstand any vandalism attempts. In the event of theft, the system immediately sounds an acoustic alarm.


Variable operation

Configurable to your wishes

You can choose the operation method of the lockers: card, wristband, PIN code or a combination of these. Even person-specific lockers are an option. If the code, card or wristband are lost, the locker can easily be opened by the manager.


Management and control

Practical and manageable

During the opening hours of your facility the lockers are always locked. After closing time, you as manager have the option to open all the lockers at once: useful for cleaning and maintenance.

Customized is our standard

We tailor the storage of valuable items to your specific requirements

Choose from diverse means of access: card, wristband, PIN code or a combination of these

Choose the colour of the lockers yourself

Ensure your guests' valuable items are safely locked away

Unlock all lockers in one go, for cleaning and maintenance

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