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Score module

Learners view their progress after the lesson

In practice



Option to view progress after the lesson

After their efforts have been registered, learners and their parents can view the learner's progress after the lesson. On a personal page in the application, the learner's personal focus areas can be seen. The page also indicates the skills required for the diploma or level that the learner is working towards.



With learner and parent

Based on their progress, the swimming instructor can send messages to the participant. By posting a video on the participant's personal page, the instructor can provide additional guidance on skills requiring extra attention. The instructor can also send general messages to the whole lesson group.



Developed with the learner in mind

The score environment of the application is developed with (young) learners in mind. The score is indicated by happy or not-so-happy smileys. As a reward for good progress, or indeed to offer a little bit of extra encouragement, the swimming instructor can also add animations to the learner's personal page.

Give participants insight into their progress

with the VConsyst learner tracking system

Communicate with learners

Evaluate progress with smilies

Offer extra lesson material online

Extra encouragement for the learner via animations

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