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Lesson score app

Specially for swimming instructors: learner-specific information close to hand and immediate registration of progress.

In practice


At the poolside

Scores can be entered digitally

With the Lesscore App, the swimming scores can easily be entered during the lesson. Smart and efficient, since the scores are recorded accurately on the spot, saving the back office staff a great deal of work. Scores no longer need to be entered manually after the lesson. You decide when the scores will be made visible online.


Learner-specific information

Important, personal information about the learner close to hand

In the WinConsyst® Lesscore App important, learner-specific information is always up to date and close to hand. This enables you to form an accurate impression of the progress of your learners. Scores are easily entered using a plus, minus or neutral character.



Learner attendance information at a glance

Focussed on insight and overview, the WinConsyst® Lesscore App has been specially developed with and for swimming instructors. They always have a clear picture of the learners' progress, helping them to prepare the lesson, and the presence and absence of learners is registered. With this, persistent non-attendance and learners struggling to keep up are immediately identified.

Follow your learners' progress

with the VConsyst learner tracking system

View progress at both individual and group level, at a glance

Learner-specific information constantly up-to-date and close to hand

Keep course information and administration up to date

The current timetable always at your fingertips

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