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Lesson module

Good course administration ensures well-organized swimming lessons

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Guidance for learners based on their progress

In the WinConsyst® Lesson Module, instructors can register the progress of the learners. This enables them to closely track their learners and lesson groups, and where necessary, to give extra attention and guidance.



Lesson administration made simple

Keep on top of your lesson and course administration with our WinConsyst® Lesson Module. Ideal for swimming lessons for children or adults. As well as managing your existing groups, you have the option to place participants on a waiting list.


Keep participants up to date

Easy communication with visitors, participants and parents

Because the lesson module is linked to the WinConsyst® database, the learners' administrative data is always at your fingertips. Letters and digital messages can be composed within the lesson module and are easily sent thanks to this link with the database.

Follow your learners' progress

with the VConsyst learner tracking system

Clear insight into learners' progress

Add participants to the waiting list for lessons

Keep course information and administration up to date

Write and send letters and digital messages to parents and participants

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