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Sports centre access

Quick and easy access provision at the right time

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So you know exactly who is in the building

Different activities at different times require an appropriate access policy. With this, you know exactly who is in the building at any one time. With the WinConsyst® Access Software, users can be individually authorized to access particular rooms or activities. This also allows you to organize your staff access exactly as you wish.


Remote management

Remote management of your (sports)facility for maximum convenience

With the WinConsyst® Remote Management Application, visitors can access your staffed or unstaffed facilities with a card or tag. The system is linked to the WinConsyst® Reservation application and the WinConsyst® Online Reservation Application. When the time and date correspond with the activity reserved, the right doors will open for the right person.


Lighting and heating

Lights on only where needed

To save costs and the environment, it makes sense to only switch the lights on in your sports hall or gym, when people are actually in there. The ChipDock® allows you to do that. The visitor places his or her access card or tag in the designated slot, which activates the lights. When the card or tag is removed, the lights go out several minutes later; you decide the exact interval. With this, you can easily identify extra use of the facilities, which can subsequently be invoiced if necessary. The same system can also be used to regulate the temperature of each room at any given moment. 

Customized is our standard

We tailor your access control system to your specific requirements.

Choose from diverse means of access: card, wristband, barcode or QR code

Manage access remotely

Easy to block the transponder in the event of misuse

Know exactly who is in the building at any given time

Link the lighting to the access device

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