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Meeting room access

Quick and easy access provision at the right time

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So you know exactly who is in the building

Different activities at different times require an appropriate access policy. With this, you know exactly who is in the building at any one time. With the WinConsyst® Access Software, users can be individually authorized to access particular rooms or activities. This also allows you to organize your staff access exactly as you wish.


Specific authorization

Access restricted to certain areas

The card or tag gives the hirer access to a particular room or facility, based on their reservation. For each card or tag, you can determine which hirer has access to which room(s), on which date and at which particular time. With this, unauthorized access to other areas of the building is prevented.


Room hire time registration

Insight into utilization time

With the ChipDock® system, you can not only control the lighting in the room, but in doing so you also register the exact length of time that the room is used. Use of the room beyond the agreed hire period is therefore detected, and if necessary can be invoiced.

Customized is our standard

We tailor your access control system to your specific requirements.

Choose from diverse means of access: card, wristband, barcode or QR code

Opt for staffed or unstaffed access control

Easy to block the transponder in the event of misuse

Give access to specific rooms

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