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Filters and purification installations

Filtering and purification of raw materials and nutrients

In practice


Sand filters

Fully customized sand filters for (waste)water purification

Made from steel or stainless steel, we produce sand filters for the purification of waste water, process water and drinking water. As well as cleaning, sand filters can also be used to filter out bacteria. This permits biological water treatment. Filter applications vary from removal of liquid with insoluble elements (suspended solids) from (waste)water to the separation of nitrogen, phosphates, iron and humic acids from ground water.


Lamella clarifiers

Separate and process solid and liquid material before sale

We produce lamella clarifiers for the separation of liquids with insoluble elements (suspended solids) from (waste)water. The stainless steel or steel tank contains inclined lamellae, which create a large sedimentation surface. Lamella clarifiers can be used for, among others, the pre-treatment of sewage water, the removal of organic or chemical sludge, treatment and recirculation of washing water in sand filters and starch recovery.


Screw conveyors

For moving large volumes of material

A screw conveyor allows you to shift bulk materials horizontally, such as flour, grain, salt, fertilizer or waste materials. The trough screw or pipe screw enables large volumes to be transported from A to B. For special applications such as viscous or sticky products, a shaftless ribbon screw is used. Screw conveyors are particularly useful in (animal)feed processing plants and in the chemical industry.


Drying ovens

For drying natural products such as grass and corn

VConsyst produces drying ovens for drying diverse products. These ovens use coal as a basis for drying and can be used to air dry products including horse or cattle feed such as corn, grass and lucerne. With this drying method, the nutritional value of the feed is retained and feed production is not dependent on weather conditions.

Customized is our standard

Tailored to your situation and requirements

Sand filters vary in diameter from one to three metres.

Circular lamella clarifiers for smaller units, rectangular for larger applications

Screw conveyors for moving dry and sticky materials

Drying ovens for drying a diversity of feedstuffs


We work according to the standards below


GSB internationally approved coated steel

Quality certificate for coats



Safe operation according to European standards


NEN-EN 1090-1

Quality mark for public constructions



Quality certificate for galvanization

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